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**Closed** Power Distro RevB group buy **Closed**

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***Closed as of July 29th. Please be on the lookout for payment details.***
Co-op is now open CLOSED for the new RevB power distro boards!
Please read all info and ask any questions before ordering.
Anticipated co-op closing date is July 22nd 29th after which revised totals will be calculated, Payment should be completed by July 25th Aug 2nd .  Component ordering/receipt will take less than 1 week, circuit board etching and assembly lead time is expected to be 3 weeks total. Receipt of finished boards, packing and shipping could take approximately 2 additional weeks, which will put us into early Sept for you to begin receiving the finished boards. I will work to speed the process where possible, and timely payments are always appreciated. If we hit the minimum order (500) by the close of the co-op and everyone makes timely payments I believe we can speed the delivery time up significantly.

Important updated payment details:I will not be using paypals invoicing service for this group buy. Some of you may remember the nightmare that was paypal in the first group buy and the countless hours I spent going back and forth with paypal. Not to mention the fees they charge you and me. So Darrell at crockettfantasyoflights has been gracious enough to allow me to use his site for payment processing. This is a huge help as now I won’t have to create an invoice for each order. Once we hit the minimum commitment of 500 boards I will open up a link for everyone to place their order. You will just have to click add to cart. No one will be able to pay for their order until we hit that magic 500 #. I will track all orders in the second post below so we all know how close we are to that 500 mark.

Shipping prices have been updated from first group buy as well.
Shipping / handling is expected to be………….
 $6.80 small flat rate. Up to 8 boards.
$13.45 Medium Flat rate. 9-40 boards
International shipping……
Yes we will do international shipping now. However the prices are not great  :o :(
$24.95 Small box up to 8 boards
$45.95 Medium box 9-40 boards
$59.95 large box 40-80 boards

I picture international shipping only being useful or cost effective if multiple people go in on an order together, however you will need to coordinate that yourselves and just place one order with one shipping address.

 This will include a USPS flat rate shipping box and other consumable materials to prep for shipping. If a large quantity 80+ of boards are ordered for one user there may be additional shipping fees. Shipping will now be invoiced separately once the boards come in, I believe this might have been what got me flagged by paypal on the first co-op as I charged shipping and purchase price up front and they did not like that I charged shipping but did not ship for more than 30 days. Please keep that in mind as this is a change from the first group buy.

Prices listed below are best estimates at the quantity goal listed and should be "NTE" - not to exceed.

The price listed below does not include shipping/handling, paypal fees, etc.  I've tried to make best estimates for a reasonable goal on 'quantity' and price accordingly.  If we reach higher quantity levels, I will try to revise prices down to reflect additional quantity discounts.  If we fail to reach quantity levels, I will explore other options to keep the co-op on track / on budget, though a substantially lower quantity may mean canceling this particular item completely.

Please do not ask for special shipping, handling, paypal transaction consideration, etc. While I wouldn't mind to do this for a few, if I do it for one, I should do it for all.  If I do it for all, then it gets to be a very complex matter of tracking all special requests, packages, shipping, orders, etc.  For this to be efficient in bulk, we need to follow a set / defined process.  I appreciate your consideration!

More info and pricing on the power distro board:

Pricing is based on a minimum board run of 500 units.......

 Fully Assembled: Assembled boards will be $12.00 per board.

Please comment below on how many you would like to order

Boards will come fully assembled with fuses.

There will be no kit option in this group buy as the leds and resistors are tiny. They can be soldered by hand but reality is I received such a great deal on this runs assembly it’s not even worth it to run a kit. It would cost just as much if not more to have all the parts sorted and packed in a baggy than it would just to have them assemble it for us.
Thank You Everyone!

Introduction Video

Render is missing the added "Fuse test switch" text that is on the board.

   Name      Assembled Boards      Shipped      jck48      8            smccoy      20            greg becker      5            jbskelton      8            mararunr      10            zanclus      8            Nathlthdude      6            didjareally      5            whitebuck      20            Vavvoom      20            Griz      4            pstone05      8            deacon      3            dink911      3            Emuney18      10            jerrymac      4            ThreeSizes      8            todd1814      2            pixelpuppy      3            Frankr      5            byaky      6            jjd35      2            blantrip      3            Rice66      5            rayhjr      3            rlemery      5            Ron Boyd      5            ronchazin      5            robj      5            algerdes      5            Aesl1982      4            imre kasza      10            Broadway Lights      5            jaysdisaster      3            vtpolak      2            Michael      2            Bwinter      10            mcbill      2            Lindiandbob      8            magish01      5            battle79      8            ejosterberg      8            skyjumpr      5            StickyWicket      16            Bruiser      4            nutjob      4            Evilswagg      4            flashg      6            ThinkAgainAgain      6             Needbin      10            XmasInGalt      4            FrankP      10            isellgum      8            StoneLoveLights      2            ezimnow      4            sonic777      5            Rstar95      6            jmjordan      3            andyrag      8            Flash Gordon      4            markrvp      2            Joshuashu      5            drlucas      4            bullets      4            critic2      8            Willie49      2            CBarnes      2            Cjlocey      4            ralandscaping      10            j-dubb      5            mndless      6            rstehle      4            peewee760      6            harrison0550      58            Total       500         

put me down for 8 boards

Put me down for 20 boards please.

greg becker:
5 boards for me please


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