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**CLOSED**uAmp, uSC and Afterburner Co-op 2016 **Closed**

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The 2016 co-op for the Micro String Controller V1, uAmp and Afterburner boards is now CLOSED.

All orders of all parts have shipped!  Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Please read all info and ask any questions in the regular forums before ordering.Anticipated co-op closing date is July 16th after which revised totals will be calculated and payment emails will be sent.  Payment should be completed by July 23rd.  Component ordering and board production can then begin.  Circuit board etching and assembly lead time is expected to be 4 weeks total. Receipt of finished boards, packing and shipping could take approximately 2 additional weeks, which may put us at the mid / end of September for you receiving the finished boards.  I will work to speed the process where possible, and timely payments are always appreciated.

Shipping / handling is expected to be $6.50 flat rate.  This will include a USPS flat rate shipping box, appropriate static protection bags and other consumable materials to prep for shipping.  As before I will try to offer reduced rate shipping ($3.00) for orders which fit into a small padded envelope. Paypal fees will be added to each order.

Prices listed below are best estimates for each component at the quantity goal listed and should be "NTE" - not to exceed.  The price listed below does not include shipping/handling, paypal fee, etc.  I've tried to make best estimates for a reasonable goal on 'quantity' and price accordingly.  If we fail to reach quantity levels, I will explore other options to keep the co-op on track / on budget, though a substantially lower quantity may mean canceling that particular item.

Please do not ask for special shipping, handling, paypal transaction consideration, etc. While I wouldn't mind to do this for a few, if I do it for one, I should do it for all.  If I do it for all, then it gets to be a very complex matter of tracking all special requests, packages, shipping, special shipping orders, etc.  For this to be efficient in bulk, we need to follow a set / defined process.  I appreciate your consideration!

More info on each component:

uSCV1 controller:  Please note:

The 2016 co-op will feature a board which is a hybrid of the basic and Mega uSC.  All components, including the magnetic test switch will come pre-assembled.  You will also receive 4 LEDs for you to install if you wish.

        Intro Post / Specifications -,832.msg7006.html#msg7006

        Intro Video -

        Note on the amended test mode (ie "test mode at any time")

        Discussion on LED/indicator brightness,835.msg7035.html#msg7035

        uSCV1 Manual:

In summary, the Micro String Controller should replace the function any "SSC", but have the following benefits:  smaller, cheaper, pre-assembled, more easily waterproofed, longer controller-to-node transmitting distance, more reliable data transmission, lower overall power consumption, up to 4 indicator LEDs if desired, no-contact test mode if desired.

The board will come 100% pre-assembled, PIC programmed with the latest Falcon firmware and magnetic test switch installed.  It will be ready for channel programming, your wire attachments and then make blinky nodes.  You do not HAVE to add anything else to make blinking nodes.  Simply attach your power, data, and node wires then program channel set-up.

Four indicator LEDs will also be included which you can add to create a 'Mega' version if you wish.

Pre-Assembled/Optioned Board - $10.80   

Co-op Goal:  250 boards

uAmpV2 or Micro Amp Version 2  Please Note:

The uAmp has received minor upgrades for 2016.  Same great performance, though due to popular request, the LEDs are now surface mount and will come pre-assembled.  Board size is slightly larger (about .040" more in each dimension) and hole sizes are slightly enlarged to reduce the minor wire fitment issues reported last year.

        A demonstration video of uAmp V1 is live at:

        Introductory thread with questions / answers:,2115.0.html

At the basic level, the Micro Amp is a signal conditioner / amplifier which can be used with any square wave data source.  The uAmp has been designed using the same MOSFET drive technology as the uSC and has some of the same design features such as built in strain relief holes, basic board comes pre-assembled and ready to use, pre-formed holes for optional LEDs (indicating 'power' and 'data out'),  compact size, ESD protection and short circuit protection on the data line.

Unlike the uSC, the uAmp is solely a digital signal processor.  It has no PIC chip and is not capable of differentiating different 'channels' of data the way a string controller does - it simply processes, clarifies and amplifies ANY data fed to it.  Conversely, it is a simple 'plug-n-play' device.  No PIC programming, firmware, channel setting, etc is required and you do not need to assign 'null' channels to a uAmp as you would with a null node.

Some possible uses:
If you wish to send data from an unmodified SSCV1 or SSCV2 more than a few inches, or an SSCV3/V4 more than a few feet, a uAmp can be added to the output line.  Once installed, the low power, 'messy' SSC data is amplified and clarified so the controller can now be 50, 60, 70 or more feet to the display element.

"Null Node" - Data transmission between nodes is limited to around 6-15 feet (regardless of string controller*).  Installing a uAmp after a node will condition and boost the data signal strength so gaps between elements can be 50, 60, 70 feet or more if needed.  Because the uAmp processes all data and does not use the "take one and pass it on" format a node does, the uAmp does not need to be programmed into the display, or take up channels as a null node does.

*Note - The data stream is regenerated and retransmitted by each node.  Due to this, a controller with a strong output (such as the uSC) can send data quite a far distance to the first node, however, when that data is retransmitted by the first node, the distance is again limited to around 6-15 feet.   

Co-op Goal:  800 pieces   Price: $4.65 each

Afterburner - a MOSFET driver kit for Falcon F8 / F16V1 boards. 

        A demonstration video is live at:

        Introductory thread with questions / answers:,2326.0.html

        User / Install manual:,3406.msg37135.html#msg37135

Afterburner is designed as a simple 'drop in' kit to upgrade Falcon F8 / F16V1 boards to MOSFET drive technology like that used in the uSC - Micro String Controllers.  This will boost the Falcon F16V1 or F8-to-Node distance from 20-30 feet to 50-60 feet or more.

The kit is a simple hardware board and resistor array pair requiring no programming, no setting changes, no PIC processors, etc. 

One Afterburner kit would upgrade one block of 8 channels - ie one kit to fully upgrade Falcon F8, one or two kits for Falcon F16. 

You can run the Falcon F16 output 'split' if desired (ie one side using the original op-amp output for local node strings, one side with the Afterburner for more remotely located strings) without diminishing the performance of either side.  If you wish to boost less than an 8 channel block, the uAmp signal conditioner/amplifier would be one option to provide the same MOSFET drive technology for individual strings.

Co-op goal: 30 pieces   Price $16.50 each
Co-op limit: 36 pieces

Please put your order request in the following format:

<preferred contact email up to but not including the @ symbol>

uSCV1 + 4 LEDs: <quantity>

uAmpV2: <quantity>

Afterburner + 9 LEDs: <quantity>

<contact email domain>

**Note - email is formatted to keep any spambots from scraping the forum.  If your email is, you would enter

'john.doe' in the <preferred contact email not including the @> space, then enter '' in the <contact email domain> space.

EXAMPLE (please feel free to cut and paste as needed)


uSCV1 + 4 LEDs: 6

uAmp: 12

Afterburner + 9 LEDs: 1


As time allows, I will post and update a table of order quantities in the next post.  Please double check it for accuracy, as well as your payment email.  Your payment email will be based on the table and your order will be based on your payment email.

[I anticipate this thread remaining open to Saturday July 16th.  Please take your time, read carefully, consider your order and payment carefully.  Please ask any questions in the normal forum before ordering.]Thanks for your attention and patience.

*** Please double check your order for accuracy and PM me with any discrepancies, or to resolve any noted issues.  Thanks! ***


The table has been updated with all payments as of the "Last Edit" date shown below.  I've sent reminder emails to anyone with an outstanding payment.  To keep the co-op on schedule for you and your fellow lighting enthusiasts, Please complete payment by the end of the day Wednesday, July 27th.  If you believe you have submitted payment, but are not marked 'paid', please PM me your complete info including username, paypal account name, paypal email and transaction number.  Thanks!

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I've outlined some general stages of the co-op below.  I will try to update the list as time progresses.  This is not a complete list, and obviously some things will be progressing at the same time, but this should help give some insight as to the current stage.

Currently Doing
Yet To Do

Open co-op and collect orders
Co-op closed and final order totals set
Obtain final quotes for components, board fab, assembly, shipping, taxes, fees, etc
Lock in final prices, any price breaks and prepare invoices
Email invoices and begin accepting payments
Paused pending outstanding payments
Payments completed
Component ordering
Shipping material ordering, envelopes, static bags, etc.
Waiting for order filling and arrival
Components arrive, get sorted, separated, labeled
Components required for assembly shipped to board house
Board fab begins
Components required for co-op are further sorted, counted, labeled, bagged, etc
Board assembly begins
Assembly complete, boards are shipped to me
Boards arrive and breakdown, counting, sorting, repackaging begins
Re-packaging complete, orders ship to co-op participants
Orders arrive, lights start blinky - flashy

All orders complete - After co-op sale begins

Kendall Walker:

uAmp: 30



uSCV1 + 4 LEDs: 0

uAmp: 10

Afterburner + 9 LEDs: 0


Jim Nealand


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