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Virtual Strings


I just watched your two virtual string videos. Great feature! I've been going to make a star/snowflake whatever you want to call it. Like the multi spoke one in your video only larger. To simplify wiring, I was going to place every other pixel going out the spoke (1,3,5,7,9) and then back to the center from the tip again every other (8,6,4,2), then out the next spoke. So there is no cutting and splicing, one continuous  string. So I thought with virtual strings this would be easy, zig zag, reverse. But after watching the videos, I'm not sure it will work. Can this be done?

Are you using xLights to program? If so, then you would stagger/skip your lights in a custom model and wouldn't need to do anything special with Virtual Strings on the F16v2.

I'm switching to xlights. I'll look at it. It's always nice to do it at the hardware if possible.


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