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To Vent or Not to Vent...


Greetings, all;

I'm in the process of building the frame for my P10 matrix tune-to sign (4x2), and am contemplating adding some 5V fans to vent the cabinet.  My venerable LEDtriks sign was vented at the bottom of the cabinet but I did not use fans to move the air, and I would always end up with condensation on the front plexiglass.  I'd like to try to avoid that with my P10 sign if possible.

Does anyone else use fans to vent your tune-to sign cabinets??  I was thinking possibly two fans, mounted on the bottom of the cabinet, one pulling air into the cabinet, and one exhausting air out of the cabinet.   My next thought is run time - should I let them run all night to keep airflow moving through the cabinet?? 



  As you will be in cold weather rather than hot like we have in Aussie the heat given off by the panels shouldn't be a huge problem. At full power and full brightness you will only be pumping about 80W into the sign. Rather than actually put in a fan I would have top and bottom vents and allow convection to move some air through the cabinet.
  Bull nose cable entries like the attached pic are an easy way to provide venting in a "waterproof" entry.

Bill Ellick:
Alan has the call on this one.
I live in upstate NY and have an LED scrolling message sign that I built an enclosure for a few years ago.  I only put a couple of vent caps on the sides and on the bottom of the cabinet and have never had any trouble with it.  I get -20 here in December and January and no moisture or condensation problems with it ever so far.

We don't get quite that cold here in Tennessee and seem to get a lot of rain in December, but I'm game to see if convection venting will keep the condensation out.  I can always add fans later if needed.   Thanks for the replies, guys!


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