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Falcon Controller Software v1.2.3 and Windows 10

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Is anybody still using a Falcon V1 or Falcon 8 and the Falcon Controller Software v1.2.3?

If so have you recently tried to run the program on a Windows 10 system?

I thought it would run under Windows 10 but I have tried it on two different system and it will not even start or report any error as to why.

Works fine for me.  I'm running it on an old laptop.  Comes right up.


I loaded the Falcon Controller Software on another Windows 10 system and that worked. After looking at the differences between the systems I realized the two systems that it would not start on were Windows 10 64bit systems and the one it worked on is a Windows 10 32bit system. Maybe it is in the way it was compiled?

Works on my 64 bit system.

64bit for me and my old laptop only has 3mg ram.


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