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Need an EDM transmitter - Christmas Sale

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From their Yahoo forum:

Hi, We are pleased  to announce!

If you are a member of the Christmas Light group forums, we will be having a special with free standard shipping (insurance still optional),  and a free rubber duck antenna included for the next 30 days as we do every year.

Contact us on with your details about the group/s you belong to, as well as your order details.

You are welcome to pass this offer on to your fellow group members who are not a member on this forum.

EDM Team

Thanks for sharing, guess i'll go ahead and get my order in

Awesome been on the fence on if I should get something cheaper or go with that I understand is the best.

it's worth the investment, and it's a good thing and positive experience for the people in their cars seeing the RDS text.

Thanks for the heads up. For my first year, I bought a cheapo HLLY CZH-15A (or some cheap knockoff.. I didn't know any better at the time) off eBay which seemed to do the trick. For my second year, I bought another as a backup. But either the sound quality degraded on them, of my standards got much higher. I discovered that the spare I got started to get its left channel acting flaky, so I thought it was time to buy a new transmitter.

I ordered the "consumer grade" basic EDM-LCD-CS-EP model for not much more than what the "junky" ones on eBay go for nowadays... the prices seem to have gone up in the last 5 years or so. I considered the "Audiophile" versions, but emailing EDM with some questions, I was told "To be honest, the difference is not that obvious to the untrained ear. The only way real way to tell the difference is with suitable measuring equipment." Anything is an improvement compared to my current unit. Most glowing reviews of EDM transmitters I found through Googling didn't refer to the specific model, but I found this one:

But I digress... I'm looking forward to my new FM transmitter!  :D


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