Author Topic: Need an EDM transmitter - Christmas Sale  (Read 30978 times)

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Re: Need an EDM transmitter - Christmas Sale
« Reply #30 on: November 24, 2017, 08:42:57 AM »
@zwiller: Probably, which I'm not really surprised that the CM-10 was discontinued. Besides probably being a Chinese transmitter rebranded they would have had to not only engineer it to make certain it met FCC as well as Canada's CRTC / IC certifications. I've known people who have bench tested a few of those questionable, imported transmitters and they have been known to create a mess of on the RF spectrum, not only in the FM broadcast band but also to the neighboring aeronautical / aircraft band.

One of the first video reviews I did for my site was that of the Decade MS-100 series transmitters. I have to say, these are very well engineered and the output is spectrally pure. This is an example of what they engineered themselves instead of taking someone else's product.

While I'd have to review my reference documents for both reviews I can say from what I recall the audio between both were comparable, although if I get the chance I could to a comparison between the two since I still possess both test specimen.

My concern with the EDM is that the vast majority of users are going to produce a signal in excess of FCC Part 15 regulations. I only mention this since the commission now has a renewed interest in going after radio pirates and this could possible make a holiday lighting enthusiast an unintended target of enforcement action should they ruffle the wrong feathers.


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