Author Topic: 2016.43 released. Mostly bug fixes. Can now have layers on strands  (Read 734 times)

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release 2016.43, mostly bug fixes. Multiple layers on a strand now works besides multiple layers on a model. The next release ,2016.44, may have Keith's new color gradients, stay tuned ...

Latest releases are found at
Issue Tracker is found here:

   -- bug (gil)     Fix PolyLine not working with single channel nodes.
   -- enh (gil)     Increase Fan radius parameters limits.  Fixes #640.
   -- enh (gil)     Improve effect selection and updates when vertical scrolling.  Fixes #638.
   -- bug (gil)     Prevent crash when custom model background image does not exist. Fixes #639.
   -- bug (gil)     Remove Previews from Menus when switching show directories.
   -- enh (gil)     Add ability to scale PolyLine models.
   -- enh (gil)     Add effect alignment options.
   -- bug (gil)     Prevent PolyLine point deletion unless there are 3 or more points.
   -- bug (gil)     Fix PolyLine selection hotspots and selection with yellow bounding box.
   -- enh (gil)     Account for malformed XML in the new version 6 format of SuperStar files.
   -- bug (dkulp)   Fix crash when matrix type models have a single node and a Model/Strand render style is used
   -- enh (dkulp)   Allow multiple layers for Strands, strands blend onto the model level effects
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