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SMS Control via Twilio

Started by Bshaver, August 20, 2016, 08:17:04 AM

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I am pleased to announce that we have been able to integrate the SMS feature of the previous SMS plugin to Twilio.

This will be a separate plugin that will be completely Twilio based.

Some points to know:

Twilio is a subscription based system. This allows for more reliable communications and notifications (pre-emptive) of any changes that is going to be happening. The GoogleVoice based SMS system appears to still be working to some extent, however some users have reported it not working/crashing/ erroring out.  I will work on getting it to a stable platform/ install, however; I cannot gaurantee this as the author of the library does not guarantee it either. GVoice API if someone has a more stable integration/library please let me know as well.

Please visit and sign up for a trial account and get yourself a phone number. It appears, that if you have a 'vanity' number you can port it to them as well.

See you on this plugin channel shortly.


Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


Are the practical applications that views could send an SMS to your matrix/p10 and that be shown?

Is there any filtering to ensure rubbish isn't being sent?

Sounds interesting - just trying to figure about the practical application.


Yes, sending a SMS Message like 'happy holidays' can appear on your matrix screen anywhere the FPP has an overlay.

Yes, rubbish - or profanity filters are there. You have to separately subscribe to those services.
Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


Is that separate subscription also on twilio?

Thanks for the help. I'm sure this was a lot of work to figure out.


Hello Ben,

Looking forward to this ! did a quick check and as far as I can see Twilio , unlike Google Voice is available in Australia.


Awesome! My sister is in brisbane, I can have her come see your show!!! -

If you sign up to a trial account and get a local phone number there I can assist you with getting it set up.

One thing that you'll need as well is a dyndns URL. Because Twilio needs something to send the message to from their URL.

Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


Curious how exactly you configure this plugin?  I have an account (funded) and need some guidance on configuring the Twilio piece.  Do you have some notes on this?


They are in progress, getting screen shots. I can assist with a team viewer if you like. Where are you located?
Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


In Tennessee - if you will have some screenshots in a few weeks I can wait.  Trust me I have plenty to keep me busy for this year's show.   


So, just to add to this thread a little and for the others that are trolling it :) .... We know who you are! Anyway, The Twilio service changes the SMS from the Mobile network to an IP address instruction. this instruction needs to be sent to your IP address (on your Cable Modem, DSL modem, etc.) And that needs to be port forwarded to the FPP instance of the plugin that is responsible for receipt.

So, if you know that your service will NOT accept incomming port 80 requests, then this plugin will not work for you. We have not tried/tested alternative ports using the Twilio communication, but will do that in the upcomming days. This may be a work around/solution for those with residential services that do not allow port 80, etc incomming.

Additionally, if you have residential service, your internet services more than likely has DHCP on the cable modem. Your internet main IP address MAY change if you reboot the modem, etc. Thus your IP may change. Twilio requires an IP or host name to send the information to. So, if you configure the Twilio dash board with one IP, and it changes, your plugin will stop working.

I recommend getting a DYNDNS.ORG account. A lot of residential grade routers support Dynamic DNS services such as this, and you can then point your Twilio console to a host name that would then forward properly to your FPP plugin. Even if your IP changes, the dynamic dns service is responsible for updating the DNS for the host name to forward requests correctly.  All this is moot though, if your service will not allow for port 80 incomming.


Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


I am really hoping to get this plugin working for this year.  Do you have any howto guides done yet?  I have a twilio account set up with a local phone number.  I have the plugins installed and somewhat configured, but am not sure what all I need to do.  I also have a static IP on my internet connection.  Do I need port 80 forwarded to the fpp?


HI there,
Life has been happening here in our household. I can do a team viewer session with you to finish your settings.

What are you wanting to do with the control?

You can control the start, and stop of your show. You can text in a message to your matrix.

Also, we have configured it to allow not having to put your show master pi on the internet. you can put in a second FPP instance that is listening to the internet. And then relaying that information to your master show pi.

Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


Thanks for the reply.  I am hoping to be able to text messages to the matrix.  I would possibly allow visitors to text their name or a short message to show up.  I would love to have some help via team viewer if/when you get time.  I currently have the plugins installed on my BBB with my p10 panels.  Should I configure a third FPP to act strictly as the relay to my master fpp and keep the BBB and master FPP away from the internet?


Ben, Thanks for the help getting this up and running.  I'll just post a quick reminder about a couple of things.
1.  You cannot have a password set on the FPP.
2.  For new, you can't have spaces in the pixel overlay model name.
3.  It would be great to have another mode in the trilio plugin where we could have it append a person's name to a predefined message like "Merry Christmas (name texted from viewer)"
4.  For a bit more security use a non standard port in trilio and forward it in to port 80 on the fpp. 


I have a very crude but working set of instructions for getting the Twilio plugin up and running.  Please let me know if you find any errors. 

Support FPP

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