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Fuses for the F16v2- where can I get some spares?

Started by Steve S, October 17, 2016, 07:20:16 PM

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Steve S

Anyone recommend a place to get some spare fuses?  I see some different ones on eBay with out of this world shipping fees.  Any special rating besides the 5 amp?

Want to have some fun trouble shooting a power problem,- forget you have power injection on the string and did not fuse the power injection.



Not sure where you are located, but most automotive stores in the U.S. carry them--sure beats waiting.  I even think Walmart has them in their automotive section.


I purchased a bunch from Amazon. I've replaced one from my screw up. Search Amazon:
DB Link ATM5A 5 Amps ATM Mini Fuse

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I have had a hell of a time finding them too.  Seems everyone carries 7.5a and up in the ATM size but I can easily find ATX (larger size ) down to 1a.

Found 7.5a at ace. Running with those for now.


They are 5a mini fuse. I purchased some from Amazon yesterday.  Here is a link to what i bought, but there are other listings if you don't want a 99 of them (+/-2%) Lol.


Quote from: gadgetsmith on October 18, 2016, 04:18:27 AM
They are 5a mini fuse. I purchased some from Amazon yesterday.  Here is a link to what i bought, but there are other listings if you don't want a 99 of them (+/-2%) Lol.
If you want fast acting bussmann here are these.  Search Amazon for this:
Bussmann (VP/ATM-5-RP) Tan 5 Amp Fast Acting ATM Mini Fuse, (Pack of 25)

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Steve S

Thank you!!!!!

What's my problem feeling compelled to buy 90 more fuses than I'll ever need!!!  I love a bargain price!!



If you live in a major city, you should be able to find a self-serve/pull-your-own-parts type of auto salvage yard.  I go to these from time to time because I'm a gear head as well, and you can easily pluck these right out of the fuse boxes of just about every vehicle made since the 90's with nothing more than a pair of needle nose pliers that you should have already for being involved in this "hobby."

Most of the time they will just tell you to have a nice day and not even charge you for them since it is such a insignificant item.  An added bonus is that you are re-using/recycling parts that would otherwise get scrapped rather than buying more stuff.

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