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How to access e682 through Raspberry Pi


I always feel bad about posting a question that may have been answered numerous times but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
I have a simple 800 pixel megatree driven by a Raspberry Pi to an e682 controller. The Raspberry Pi is set up wirelessly with a static IP address ( to my home network. The RP is connected to the e682 via an ethernet cable. The controller has a static IP address of Everything works fine but I want to be able to connect to the controller wirelessly through the RP when it's set up outside. I have executed a route command as such: route add mask -p in an attempt to make this work. When I enter the static IP address of the controller ( into my web browser, it takes me to the RP not the controller. I know this is something simple but I am not knowledgeable enough to figure it out. It feels like I'm close yet so far...
I should note I am using FPP.

David Pitts:
I know how to set everything up except how to set gateway on the E682. I think there is a command that needs to be ran.

get a command window.  IN windows it's the start button, then enter "cmd".

type "ipconfig /flushdns".  This dumps the local DNS listing of what address goes to what place.  You would think typing in the ip number to the web browser would automatically tell it to go to the ip address -- the browser has to first figure out it IS an IP address by failing to find the entry in its DNS.  If it finds an entry or gets confused by an entry in the DNS, you get to see the wrong thing.

OK.. I can't help you with the details, but you need to use the CMD window and run the ROUTE command .. set it up so that it uses the RP as a Gateway to the e682... I have seen this discussed and detailed on here before, but do not have any links handy... But at least you can search for the term ROUTE here on the site to find postings that may help you..


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