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Re: Newbie Setup Instructions
« Reply #30 on: October 24, 2017, 02:03:34 PM »
BTW, I just read a bunch of posts stating that you had to define universes (inputs) in the "E1.31" tab as well as the "Other" tab (outputs).  I also read a bunch of posts that you don't need to define your "E1.31" inputs - it is not mentioned in any of John Storms YouTube videos (  My PiCap seems to be working with nothing defined in the "E1.31" take.

So what is it, define or not define?
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Re: Newbie Setup Instructions
« Reply #31 on: October 24, 2017, 02:43:24 PM »
As I understand it you should have enough universes defined that will cover whatever you output to lights on from that Pi so that FPP knows whether to accept commands coming in for your channels that are going out, but you should not have the check box marked as you will have no actual e1.31 output thru the ethernet port as would be the case if just using a hat/cap.  But I am an old fart and often wrong.  Now that I have proofread what I have written, I would suspect that would only apply if the Pi was network connected to a show player.  In my case all my Pis run as remotes and I never even try to run from xlights so I would think I would not need that.  I will have to try it and see.
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Re: Newbie Setup Instructions
« Reply #32 on: October 24, 2017, 06:22:15 PM »
I'm posting this for all those new to the PiCap;  this is my first year doing pixels and working with a PiCap.  I have 4 RobG WS2811 20W floods and also a single Lynx Express controller controlled by the 'Cap's DMX output.  This is how I setup my FPP/PiCap and configured them in xLights.  I hope this helps some newbies like me.

This is exactly what I needed to see. Thank You. Been pulling out what little hair I have trying to figure it out.  Last year I used all Pixelsticks and this year wanted to move 2 over the the PiCap.  I'll give it a go tonight. 


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