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BBG Not seen on network
« on: December 02, 2016, 05:45:59 PM »
Hi folks, hoping someone can help.  Here is a post I put on the Xlights FB message board.

Folks, could really use some help ASAP. I have a P10 that I can't see on the network. It worked fine in the garage during testing. However, now it's hanging on the roof, having issues. Been that way since it was hung. I have access to the BBG and cables. All my BBG etc are running from a separate router and show network.

I repowered the BBG, all indications are it is getting power and booting just fine. I have the eMCC something software loaded, so I shouldn't have to worry about loosing power.

Now, here's my question of concern. I have both the amber and green lights on solid on the Cat5 plug in, even without a cable plugged in to the socket after rebooting BBG w/out the Cat5 cable plugged into the socket. Does the is indicate that possibly the BBG is locked up or something. Will this require a reload of the FPP stuff.....Man, I hope not! P10 is not iin a very easy place to get too.

Hoping someone can chime in quickly, so I figure out my next plan op action. Thanks everyone Starting to rain here(Dallas,TX), and I have my P10 panel opened up.


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