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Next year I will be going beyond the 4 universe that the ETD can supply so I plan on either a FPD or F16V3. But I still want to use the DLA equipment.

The question is since the DLA equipment only see 4 universes configured by jumper how is it setup in FPP Channel Output, would the attached be correct? 

No - you would configure your FPD something like this. I've duplicated U# 5-8 on the last two ports but you can use the last one for DMX. (I use the DMX output off an active hub for my DMX devices instead.) The jumpers for the DLA equipment connected to Universe 5 to 8 are jumpered "1" for U# 5 to "4" for U# 8.

Paul, I'm not sure your "All Pixelnet" setup will work. Dave Pitts would know for sure, but you are only supposed to use 8 outputs for Pixelnet. I see that your last four are duplicating the middle four and may get around that limitation.

Because the FPD uses two PICs to handle the output, I have always put 4 universes of pixelnet on 1 thru 4, then 4 universes of pixelnet on 9 thru 12. In my mind that balances the processing load.

Hmm ... I don't know about the FPD ... but this year, using only FPP and a bunch of F16v2 (r) boards ... I can configure each F16v2 to use 'up to' 4 pixelnet universes ... and ZERO setup on the FPD tab on the FPP.   It all works great, so I'd recommend going with F16v3 and you'll be able to continue to use pixelnet for another ED worth of universes (4 4k PN universes) on the new f16v3. 

So basically everything is E1.31 in xlights and FPP ... the F16v2 can then output some the channels is receiving on the serial out port (first one for pixelnet only) ... as pixelnet and starting ch# for each 4k pixelnet out you use.   To the DLA gear, its just 1-4096 and which universe of 4 to jumper for.

+1;   I think alot of us are in the same boat and eventually we will find something that works.  I think the key is to mix in some of the newer Falcon gear to get E1.31 out in the yard.  There are a few options.  I think the cheapest way I know of is a remote FPP with chinese usb serial adapter.  One key aspect to be mindful is that the E1.31 is not meant to be daisy chained like our PN gear was and is designed to be connected to a switch.  It took me a while for that to sink in. 


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