Author Topic: PiCap built but can't test strings  (Read 9480 times)

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Re: PiCap built but can't test strings
« Reply #90 on: February 17, 2018, 06:07:56 PM »
I was just about to test from the GPIOs directly like you recommended.  Before I shutdown I saw the LED panel output was enabled using the same channels.  Now everything works ;D .  I was so focused on what needed to be set, I didn't think about checking those areas that should not be.  Thank you for the quick response David.  This is my first project using pixels and I am looking forward to growing into the F16V3.

Hmm. Not sure why that would not make it work as different output types can share same output data.

The RPIWS281x output and LED Panel output on the Pi both use the PWM outputs and overlapping pins.  I have it on my ToDo list to get some more sanity checking of the user's Channel Output configs in the UI, I have already started working on it, but it will be a v2.0 thing if I can get it finished.

Makes sense now. :)
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