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I have a 12 volt 360 watt power supply with 3 sets of + and - outputs, And I see the F8 board has one input and a 30 amp fuse on the input side.
My question is can I pull all the power off one set of output terminals or do I need to run three sets of wires to get 30 amps out of the P.S.?
And are all of the + or the - hooked together in the P.S.?

The 3 sets of wires on power supplies is mainly for convenience. As long as the cable is at least 2.5mm2 - 4mm2 (no idea of AWG) then you will only need 1 pair of power wires from power supply to F8

Bill Ellick:
As Alan said, as long as you have the correct wire size to carry 30 amps, then you can run one pair of wires.  I would say that since it is 30 amp "capable" and that meaning at least 10 AWG for those of us here in the US, that I would probably run one pair of 10 AWG stranded wire or two runs of 12 AWG.

IF you are concerned about the single terminals on the power supply being able to supply 30 amp through them, you can get terminal straps to tie two terminals together or use wire jumpers to "hook" the terminals together and run a single wire from each (+ and -) to the F8 terminals. 
The terminals on the power supply are all hooked together internally "almost always" in the power supplies but sometimes not.  I would say with a 99.9% certainty that you have one that is! ;D  Only say this because I have seen isolated power supplies that have separate terminals but it is not a common thing anymore.

Thanks for the quick replies that's what I thought or I would think the F8 input would have split in 3 inputs.

10 awg works well in these high current applications and fits in power inlets effectively. 


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