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Where can I get an FPD?

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Where Can I get an FPD, FPD Circuit board or is there a group buy planned in 2017?

There has not been a group buy for FPD for a long time.  Either go to the buy sell trade area and post a WTB (wanted to buy) topic.  Or post here what you are trying to accomplish as there are many new ways to accomplish some things.

Thanks, I eventually need additional channels/universes of DMX and/or Pixelnet for RGB. I like the fact it piggybacks the PI. What would be another solution other than a Lynx Eth Dongle?

The PiCap is an option depending on how many channels for DMX/Pixelnet you need.


The F8-B board I'm working on ( see http://falconchristmas.com/forum/index.php/topic,7210.0.html ) could drive 8 universes of DMX or PixelNet (one or the other, not both). 

If you just need DMX, there are a bunch of options.  The F16v3 would give you 4 DMX universes.   The PiCap would give you one.   


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