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What do the LED's on FPD indicate?


There are two blue LED's on the FPD. What do the different blinking patterns indicate?

The "rate" at which they flash isn't important, just that they flash. That means they are receiving a Pixelnet data stream that matches the input jumpers and PIC programming. (good data)

Personal experience with Firmware versions - if you aren't using the latest firmware, you can be sending good data but they still won't flash. The FPD won't accept programming commands from the software, either, if they are not the same revision level.

Are you having a specific problem with those "too bright" LEDs??

I'm just curious. I think I saw them alternating and I know they flash rapidly on power up. Otherwise, they just appear to pulse about at about 1 second intervals.

I believe they start up nearly in sync but then can get out of sync over time.  I think I remember watching them once for a minute or two when I was bored one day and one was slightly faster than the other for some reason.  I think this may have been talked about in another thread a couple years ago, but can't find a link.


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