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Possible to run an 8ch DMX universe at a much lower speed?


I'm working on a project where we cannot drive 250kbps through the onboard UART, and I was curious if we could run it at a slower speed (knowing the universe will not be as large)?  Realistically we ONLY need an 8 channel universe max, but I don't know if a DMX universe can "clock itself down" by hard coding the baud rate?  Would it still work? 

It might be better to use Renard or some other serial-based protocol if you are wanting to drive it with FPP.  If it ran at a lower speed, it wouldn't technically be DMX.

Are you wanting to send your DMX stream to a conventional DMX device?  If so, it will only be able to use a 250kbps stream.

Also, when using a smaller than full universe, there are other timing restrictions that come into play to conform to the standard.

As an aside, not all DMX devices handle streams with less than 512 channels correctly.  They should, but they don't.

As an alternative to trying to screw around with dmx clock rates etc you could possibly use 1 of my 2801DC15 (or 2801DC30) boards. Clocking 2801 data is dead easy and the timing isn't critical. The distance from clocking device to the board is limited to the typical 5-10m of pixel boards but that can be increased if you really need to get further.


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