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Does anyone have any experience with this? I had a spare PI laying around and I purchased a few of these to mess around with and try P5 panels too. I am definitely a rookie when soldering a board, i usually buy then already built. I figured, since I had a few extras, why not try it. I soldered it and it didn't blow up or let the secret smoke out so I think mostly, it is good. testing and configuring seems to be eluding me. I would think it should be the same as a BBB with the octoscroller and some P10 panels. I think I do remember something about it not "officially" working on the Pi3's, but confirmation is something I cannot find. I am trying to power with a simple 20 watt 5 volt power supply and one panel and I am getting nothing. Anyone with any insight? Let me know what you want to see and I will supply pictures or screenshots to help.

Pictures of the board, back of panel and setup pages in fpp

I will post them individually. but here goes.

Board first then setup screens.

First soldered board so be gentle, but be straight. I can take it!

part 2

setup part 1


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