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Re: Power injection requirements/hardware
« Reply #15 on: October 04, 2017, 02:11:45 PM »
Thank you.  Now my question of power supply limit has me concerned again.  Do you think I could get away with 2 PSU's splitting power for 1024 ws2811 nodes?  1 being the 350w that's powering the f16v3 and the other is a 350w that's powering the other end of the arches (with the 12v+ cut halfway at 130 nodes)?  I'm running at 75% and on full white it's registering ~5.5a for each psu output for half of each arch. There are 4 arches total.  I have 7.5a fuses on one psu but the f16 has 5a fuses and so far nothing has popped.  They run fine but just want to make sure I'm not loading it up too much.  My other concern is the wire size with that current draw.  They are ray wu ws2811 pixels and I used his 10 and 15' extensions to make the power cord run to the far side of my arches.  I think the wire is 22ga?  or would it be 18?  Is that 7.5a fuse too big for that size wire?  I had planned to use the f16 to push only 100 nodes each port and then split the rest with two additional psu's.  However, I'm now wondering if it's possible, because it would be easier to setup, to push 130 nodes each port with 5.5a max draw per port and use the other psu to power the other half.  I know there is probably a little excess limit over 5 to not blow the fuse, but I don't quite get why it seems like no problem exists when I'm drawing 5.5a on a 5a fuse or maybe there will be a problem...just not yet?  If I was able to use one psu per side, should I split the f16 load between sides or can I just use ports 1,2,3 and 4?  Thanks for any help.
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