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Other Outputs
« on: September 20, 2017, 06:14:10 PM »
To me, I am having a wee bit of trouble putting everything together. I think I have the two little green ports figured out. Both will be driving a small string of WS2811 pixels. First one will be 128 nodes. Second is 104 nodes.

Its the black RJ-45 connector that is am not sure of. What I want to do is assign univrse #1 and reserve 512 channels. This will drive my LOR boxes. So I suppose the first thing I want to do is set the 3 jumppers on the LOR position. And set the protocal to open DMX. Not sure of the port, is it something like the ttyamo? What is this other ttyamso port? I am still using S3 for programming. So instead of controller N, Channel C addressing. I am using the DMX numbering scheme.

Is this how it is done?



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