Author Topic: Configuring LOR channels to translate to PiCap outputs  (Read 550 times)

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Configuring LOR channels to translate to PiCap outputs
« on: October 21, 2017, 01:09:27 PM »
Could someone point me to a good how to. I have about 8 LOR controllers, One display with 128 pixels and one with 104 pixels, and one E6804 controller with 4 universes. Have run this in the past using LOR S3 software. This year I have been on and off trying to understand how I have to have the channels set in S3 to convert over. So, will have the 128 pixels on the left small connector. 104 pixels on the right small connector (referring to the cap) LOR controllers on the RJ-45. And the one controller on the PI eth0 connector.

I know that the LOR controllers will be DMX Addy 1 = 1 - 16, Addy 2 = 17 - 32 and so on. But how do I address this in S3? Same for the first and second set of pixels (128 & 104)?

I am just so dang confused at this moment. If you have a few minutes can you lend a hand.



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