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First time RGB noob
« on: October 22, 2017, 01:51:51 PM »
Hello, I am so happy I stumbled upon this forum as I want to do my first RGB display this year and get away form standard bulbs that dont do anything. I know I am late in the season to get into it but I think with a little elbow grease I can get a display ready for Christmas. I think due to all the features now available and in the future I am going to purchase the F16V3 Pixel Controller - Ready to Run setup so I know I will have a great base to build upon. I think I will also get a raspberry pi so I can have everything self contained in one place and nw need to worry about my computer going to sleep mi display. I was looking at getting the diyledexpress PixaBulbs because I like the look of C9 bulbs to do a basic outline of my house this year. Does anyone have experience with the PixaBulbs and know how they compare to others like ray wu and holidaycoro? This is a dumb question but the ready to run controller has different options for pigtails and one of them is diyledexpress, do you know if this will work with the 4 wire PixaBulbs? Thanks for all the help so far and I hope to keep learning from all you knowledgeable people.

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Re: First time RGB noob
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2017, 06:23:17 AM »
I have used Pixabulbs from Diyledexpress and from Ray - they are the same except for the installed waterproof plugs. I think Holiday Coro uses the same manufacturer, also, but different ends.

They are 12vdc, ws2811 protocol and have two RGB LED lights inside. I use almost 1500 of them and love their brightness and the look their faceted cover gives them.


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