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Re: LoR playing from Falcon
« Reply #15 on: March 20, 2018, 05:14:26 AM »
I just remember seeing different things on running the LOR via the USB when NOT using the LOR software about restrictions on the number of channels which could be controlled. Sorry I didn't see you were using the LOR software. I just remember seeing things about it but I never worried about it because I went right from LOR to xLights, Falcon controllers and FPP.

You may want to consider moving to xLights or Vixen. They're free, but I still have an active up to date version of S4. I use xLights now and really like the fact I do not have to keep paying more once my updates run out. Also the guys at xLights do a great job with the software.

The issue you are having with controller 7 may be because you do not have controller 2 - 6. I thought the LOR controllers needed to be one after the other. #1 for channels 1-16, #2 for 17-32 and so on for DMX.

I'm not sure, I never tried it but I'm going to now that we are talking about it. It would make my wiring layout neater. But I suppose you could define LOR Controller ID#1 on DMX output #2 on the F16v3 as universe #50 and have another LOR Controller ID #1 defined on DMX output #3 as universe #51. Anyone else had luck with this?

My understanding of the jumpers is... you are running in DMX mode but you set the jumpers to LOR because LOR uses a different wiring configuration than DMX. By moving the jumpers to LOR on the F16v3, the board is essentially "wiring" it correctly for you without having to make a crossover cable.

As for the light color, my LOR controllers are at least 10yrs old and have a red light
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