Author Topic: Fades not working right FPP/Renard 32  (Read 834 times)

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Fades not working right FPP/Renard 32
« on: November 25, 2017, 05:29:02 PM »
First the hardware/software I'm using:
Controller is a Renard Plus 32.
SSR boards are Renard Plus SSR8.
Raspberry Pi with FPP to run things.
Sequencing done in Vixen 3.

Ok so on thursday when testing for the season I ran into some issues: When fading channels off or on, instead on a nice smooth fade, some would flicker and/or just cut on/off...but it also didn't do it every time (sometimes the fades were perfect). Being thanksgiving, I didn't have time to do any "playing with it", so I just let it run for the evening even though it looked crappy.
On Friday I messed around a bit and can say its not my sequences because when using test mode in FPP, and setting the Fill/R/G/B options dimmed down, instead of a nice dim level for everything, I'd get random flickering on some channels and others full brightness (and some were working correctly)...playing with the levels would have random responses (not nessisarely even representing the channels I'd changed.)

Now back for  July 4 & Halloween I ran small 'shows' (only 6 channels). In both those cases everything looked flawlessly. So I know the controllers/etc were fine then. 

The only differences between then and now I see is...
*The number of channels being used
*For those small 'shows' everything was on the same circuit breaker, now its split between 3. (is there something weird with  Renards where everything needs to be on the same breaker? There is simply no way I can do that now.)
*The PI & Renard 32 are on one of those computer battery-backups (done just on the chance of a power-outage so the Pi keeps its time/programming, and also because for some unknown reason here you get days here when the power will keep flickering/blinking)
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