Author Topic: FM Transmitter signal going in and out...  (Read 466 times)

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FM Transmitter signal going in and out...
« on: December 03, 2017, 08:40:24 PM »
I've gotten reports from several visitors that my FM signal is going in and out.  I  have a radio inside the house playing the station as well and when they are reporting it out for them it's still playing for me.  The signal reaches a good distance from the house, more than enough for anyone in line.  It might be in 500 feet away, then out at the 300 foot mark, then back in when you move a little closer.

I built a dipole antenna using some instructions from DIYC, but got the same report after that as well.

There is a radio station some distance away from me that does broadcast on the same frequency, it's only static when I tune in with FM transmitter turned off.  Could their signal, even though it's broadcasting anything, be overlaying my signal randomly? 

Or worse case, a grumpy neighbor bought a cheapo transmitter and is trying to screw with my show by transmitting nothing on my frequency.

My current transmitter is the Ramsey FM25B, but it is 12 years old.  I bought a new transmitter just in case, won't be here for a couple days though.


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Re: FM Transmitter signal going in and out...
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2017, 09:18:52 AM »
That distant FM station is your most likely culprit. FM broadcasts won't "mix" signals like AM might. The strongest signal wins. I picked mine 10 years ago and it had two empty bands on either side at that time (I use 95.5 and 95.1, 95.3, 95.7 and 95.9 were open). Definitely no problem.

Now, I have someone close enough to hear on a good night on 95.3 and 95.7.  The closest commercial 95.5 broadcaster is 200 miles away. (there is another Light hobbyist now on 95.5 but he is 2 miles away and we don't bother each other)


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