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Who is still using an FPD ???

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Because I still have a Pixelnet controller (F16v1) operating, plus two universes of DMX, I still use my FPD.

While it was designed for the older RasPi with a 26 pin ribbon cable, it didn't take much "modification" to get the 26 pin ribbon onto the 40 pin output of a RasPi 3. The extra processing speed of the RasPi 3 is a big plus.

If it ever dies, I know I can get my Pixelnet and DMX from different sources, but it is SO convenient.

I actually still use an Etherdongle for a good portion of channels in my show.

I am using a $3 USB2RS485 adapter that can be configured to output pixelnet on the FPP other tab.  Works great.

In case you couldn't gather from my thread about LAG I also run a FPD in my setup. It runs nearly 3 full pixelnet universes and 3 DMX channels, Literally just a 3 channel Ray controller for my LED strobes...


I dream of a Falcon like F16pixelnet that would let me have a web and port setup interface with all my pixelnet controllers driven off all set to channel 1.  They don't see any traffic but what the hub sends them and it lets me use all those around the yard and not waste the money tossing them.


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