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Wanted to get a group discussion started here about having a Pi HAT/Shield here that would be a battery backup for you pi that would trigger a GPIO that would let the pi know that it is running on battery power to take action. I think that it would require 2 GPIO's so that the shield knows when the Pi has shut down so that it removed the batteries power from the pi so that when the mains power is back it triggers a start of the Pi.

What type of "action" would it take if it recognized it's on battery?

If the Pi is "shut down," how would a GPIO trigger it to start back up?

Action would depend on the script, but in most cases if there is no mains power then there is not enough power to run the light show show it should shut down. The Pi by default when power is applied to it would power on. So when the mains power is on then the pi would start up as usual. Then when the mains power is cut off for some reason the shield would kick in keeping the pi up and triggering the GPIO which the script would recognize and take action. Then when the 2nd GPIO goes LOW because the pi is shutdown the shield would have to kill its power going to the pi, so that when the mains power does come back on it would trigger a normal startup.

This sounds like a good idea to me.  There are some commercially available solutions, but they seem to cost as much as or more than the Pi.

I'm watching this thread...  Very interested to see where this goes...


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