Author Topic: Setting depth foreground/background in Layout?  (Read 431 times)

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Setting depth foreground/background in Layout?
« on: January 19, 2018, 12:29:22 PM »
Probably a poorly worded subject line --  I have used xLights for a few years and as time as progressed and I have changed my set up to more and more to pixels and less and less nodes and legacy LOR I'm having more issues with model overlap.  For example.  My house is the back of my display.  I have flood lights on the house, house outline in pixel strips, and my windows and doors are outlined in pixels.  In front of that I have Mega trees, Christmas trees, a Santa workshop facade (which holds my 49 panel P10 matrix) and other props arches etc.

As I have reworked my display for the coming season including more pixels on the house windows I'm having difficulty understanding how to "layer" my setup. For example I don't want my windows on the house to show over the top of my p10 matrix which is physically located in front of some of the windows.  As with a theater stage there are background and foreground and while I need the whole window to be modeled I don't necessarily want it playing at the same level as foreground items. 

Am I missing something with how I have the background and foreground models set?  If it is just how the program works so be it but I want to use all the amazing features of this great program and if foreground/background is just a setting I'm missing I'd like to use it. 



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