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Feature request for text position
« on: May 01, 2014, 06:22:13 PM »
Maybe better I post this over on another forum...but I'm sure Sean lurks around here....and I'm here thinking about it, so i'll ask....

Text position can change based on position slider. This impacts the vertical position for the text. Is there a way to change/set the horizontal position too? I have my matrix and I want it to say Merry Christmas on two lines with the text centered in the middle of the matrix and stay there for a few seconds. I don't want it to scroll. Can it be done and I'm missing how right now, or is this a feature request?

I just figured out the C box...that is a new feature I assume from last year? I didn't do a lot of text effects on my small mega tree last year. anyways movement none, C box checked and I'm golden.
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