Author Topic: Video file names for multi projectors to play different videos  (Read 167 times)

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For running different videos on different projectors at the same time, do the video file names still have to be exactly the same, or can some type of identifier be incorporated into the video filename.  In searching, I see that years ago _RemoteHostname was being considered, but cannot find any current info that it ever made it into production.  Ive got a considerable number of sequences that I plan to use multiple/different video for each.  If the same video file name is needed for each, as I am old 😊, keeping different videos with the same file name will be tricky.

If need, my setup would be that my master would play the audio and each projector would have its own remote.  Audio is not required on the remotes.  Various lighting controllers would also be connected to the master and remotes.  Id gladly upgrade/downgrade to whatever version of FPP is needed to allow different video file names to be used.

Scenario:  While playing  song/sequence XYZ on the master, I would like to play synchronized video file AAA on Projector 1 which is connected to remote #1, and synchronized video file BBB on Projector 2 which is connected to remote #2, and so on.

Thank you.


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