Author Topic: LOR CCP2 - Running in DMX on Falcon  (Read 740 times)

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LOR CCP2 - Running in DMX on Falcon
« on: July 01, 2018, 11:03:22 PM »
I have two LOR CCP2 controllers that I want to hookup to my Falcon F16v3. I already have 3 CTB controllers hooked to one DMX port on the Falcon and they seem to work. Now I want to hook my CCP2 controllers to another port. For this year I'll be running from LOR still - Just don't have time to convert everything to a new software. I already have the unit ID set to 1A on the CCP2 using the jumpers. I tried to move the jumpers for DMX on the CCP2 but then it would show in the Hardware Utility. When I switched the jumpers back to LOR on the CCP2 then it showed up in Hardware Utility.

How do I set the CCP2 to use DMX and do I need to change the Unit ID to something else so the Falcon with recognize it? My CTB LOR controllers are set to Universe 50 and I've setup up Universes 51 and 52 in the Network Preferences in the LOR setup. If I just change the jumpers on the CCP2 to DMX and plug it into the other Port on the Falcon with it work?

I also have Pixie16 16x50 pixel tree that I'd like to get setup to run on the Falcon also so I can ditch the dongles. Last year I had all of these controllers daisy changed to a single high speed LOR dongle. Would like to do the same thing with the Falcon but not sure it will work. The two CCP2s are 2 strands 100 pixels each (400 total) and the Pixie16 is 16x50 - 800 pixels so 1200 pixels (3600 channels). Not a huge amount so I'm hoping that I can do this through the Falcon's serial ports.

Will be switching to xLights next year and possibly selling the Pixie16 with the pixels since they are 5v 4 wire. Just need to have it work this year.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: LOR CCP2 - Running in DMX on Falcon
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2018, 12:31:06 PM »
HI when you put your lor controllers in DMX mode they wont show up in the hardware utility  if you run the ccp's in DMX you use the dmx conversion chart in lor to set the ID to the start channel for that controller 


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