Author Topic: Preview of Falcon Pi Player User Interface  (Read 5198 times)

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Re: Preview of Falcon Pi Player User Interface
« Reply #15 on: July 16, 2013, 09:41:00 PM »
Before I had heard of Falcon Pi Player, my plan for this year was to take xLights and strip out WX so I could run it "headless" on a raspberry pi.  Depending on how Falcon Pi Player is written, this is likely too much work to use anything from xLights.  The better thing might be to have xLights export more data than just the sequence files, maybe the show setup, scheduling, etc. can be done in xLights too, and that be exported into a common file format that Falcon Pi Player uses.

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Re: Preview of Falcon Pi Player User Interface
« Reply #16 on: July 18, 2013, 01:24:19 PM »
xLights stores its schedule in a file called xLights_schedule.xml

would be nice if these could be parsed by the Pi Player

Here is mine

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xSchedule computer="WINDOWS8">
  <schedule schedstart="2012-12-04" schedend="2013-01-02">
    <calevent schedcode="01011630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="01021630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12041630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12051630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12061630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12071630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12081630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12091630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12101630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12111630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12121630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12131630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12141630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12151630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12161630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12171630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12181630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12191630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12201630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12211630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12221630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12231630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12241630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12251630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12261630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12271630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12281630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12291630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12301630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <calevent schedcode="12311630-2130 R---Xmas2012"/>
    <playlist name="Xmas2012" Audio="0" Video="0" xLights="1" MovieMode="0">
      <listitem name="f~161~master.xseq" delay="0"/>
      <listitem name="f~31~master.xseq" delay="0"/>
      <listitem name="f~182~master.xseq" delay="0"/>
      <listitem name="f~49~master.xseq" delay="0"/>
      <listitem name="f~181~master.xseq" delay="0"/>
    <playlist name="Memorial Day" Audio="0" Video="0" xLights="1" MovieMode="0">
      <listitem name=".services.xseq" delay="0"/>
      <listitem name="01-03- God Bless The USA.xseq" delay="0"/>
      <listitem name=".stars.xseq" delay="0"/>
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