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FPP 2.1 now available
« on: September 21, 2018, 02:09:37 PM »

New features:
  • enh - New "Expert Mode" for Multisync status page to view extended information about remotes
  • enh - BeagleBone WIFI driver selection moved to Network page
  • enh - BeagleBone - added WIFI driver for 8822bu (requires re-imaging)
  • enh - Tether Mode can now be "On", "Off", or "If no IP" to go into Tether mode if no other connection is available. On Pi's, the default is now "If no IP" to allow easier setup for Pi Zero W.
  • enh - Optimized the "ping" detection of controllers to be faster and reduce file handles
  • enh - Add settings to configure MQTT broker/port/prefix
  • enh - Add ability to trigger events and effects via MQTT
Bug fixes
  • bug - Audio IP announce on Pi may only announce IPV6 IP address, not IPV4
  • bug - Firefox only - playlist page did not number the playlists correctly
  • bug - "Legacy Audio Output" choice not detecting when the audio stopped
  • bug - Audio stuttering on single core Pi's (old B, Zero's)
  • bug - Could not trigger playlists via MQTT if prefix is set
  • bug - Much of issues related to adding Events to playlists and how they are stored in JSON
  • bug - URL's/POST data in playlists would lose special characters
  • bug - Make sure IPV4 interfaces are up before setting up Avahi to help avoid only ipv6 addresses being available
  • bug - PiFace detection not working
Upgrade instructions
If you have a system running 2.0, you can go to the FPP about page (about.php) and click on the "Manual Update" button. At that point, a big "Upgrade" bar should appear. You will get all the improvements above except those marked with the "requires re-imaging" note.
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