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Iíve done a lot of research and Iím still struggling with a power/data issue
My runs from my controller are fairy long 30/40 feet with power injection on the ends with no more then 150 pixels per string with and f-amp on my furthest one but I still get flickering

Do I need more power or should I consider shorter strings?

I have several Tís I was going to use for power injection but I canít seem to get them to work right for some reason?? I get power but no signal they are 3 pin in to 2 pin

Also Iíd really rather not cut these pixels to add power injection to my string as there pre wired with pigtales n Iíd hate to cut em up

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Bos Lights:
Have you tried replacing the cable to the string that is flickering?

I have tried other cables and other lights with the same results
Iím thinking itís and issue with the length of cable as there all new
I guess could be faulty idk thatís why Iím asking here haha

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I am sure ylou have tried this and I did not see where you mentioned if all of the strings/cables lengths were approximatlely the same distances!
If I have just one string that is acting up the first thing I will do is swap the connection with another working string nearest I can get to the controller and see if it follows the string or the controller port.
If the new string acts the same way there is possibly a port issue.

If it follows the string then go to a connecting point closest to that string and do the same swap with a working string to see if it again follows the string or now the connecting cable. If it is still following the string do the same thing with the Power Injection. Swap with a Known working unit.
That is the easiest way to narrow it doen to a final point of concern!!
Hopefully this will assist and not confuse you!

You didn't mention the voltage you are using or the wire gauge that the pixels are. Is the first pixel in the string 30-40 feet away from the controller? You say that you have an FAmp on the furthest one? Explain. Is the FAmp in the beginning of the connection near the controller or at the beginning of the actual pixel string or somewhere else? You said that your pixels are pre-wired at 150 pixels? I don't know of any manufacturer that makes 150 pixel strings as they can only effectively test 100 pixels. But I could be wrong on that and in this lighting business, it is very rare to get your pixel count to match your props and there is also the pixel failure issue, so cutting and adding should be no big deal after a while. Do you have access to a MultiMeter (voltage tester?)
3 pin to 2 pin T's are just power injection, they pass through the data and just add power, I am not sure what you meant by you don't get any signal. Did you get signal before you inserted the T?


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