Author Topic: open pixel control protocol bridged to falcon f16v3  (Read 307 times)

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open pixel control protocol bridged to falcon f16v3
« on: October 10, 2018, 09:38:57 AM »
Hey folks,

just finished a small art piece with ~2000 smart pixels.  Our controller code was generating openpixelcontrol format, and we had to convert it to e131 for the falcon board.  Thought I'd post about our methods in case anyone comes searching later.

First I want to thank the creators and this community for such a great product.  The build quality is really good and, compared against the boards we rolled on our own, the configuration options are fantastic.

We ended up making use of Open Lighting Architecture to convert the openpixelcontrol data into e131 format.  One wrinkle we encountered in the process is that OLA does not offer a way to segment a data stream into multiple DMX universes, it expects you to segment the input before it gets there, so we had to write custom code for our controller (pixelslinger) to segment its output to multiple ports.  This makes it a little tough to switch to another OPC-throwing controller.

Seems like it might be possible to add OPC to the falcon's supported protocol list.  All the tools for splitting out a single chain of pixel signals into strings are already working on the falcon.  Any suggestions for how to get started working on the firmware that runs the f16v3?


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