Author Topic: Connecting two strings of 36V pixels to Falcon outputs with one power supply  (Read 86 times)

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Please double check my game plan here. I have some 30W 36V flood pixels on order from Ray. I'll need to run five of them from one output and one from a second, but only have one 36V power supply.

  • Wire pigtail to connector. (Omit power wire as an idiot check or not?)
  • Pull the fuse for those two channels to prevent back feeding 36VDC to the board.
  • Use a power injection cable between the pigtail and the cable, fed from a fused connection to 36VDC power supply.
  • Pixel happiness!
  • Profit!
Can I feed both of them off of the same power supply without causing any ground loop issues? I have six units total and need one on a separate run.



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