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Halloween Light Show has projection this year!


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me get my projector running with the FPP.  It was a large learning curve from purchasing a projector, figuring out how to project the right image & learning after effects to create the show.
Castle Armstrong - featuring the Sword in the Stone, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones
My video of the show has rainbow bands running through it (which are not their in real life).  Videos of videos are not easy.   The sequencing of the lights did not get the time I would have liked to fine tune the show but I seriously ran out of time this year.  I didn't have the Stone hooked up to the show (it ran on a separate Arduino) -- maybe next year I will figure out how to mix the interactive props with the house show.

Thanks again

Very cool!  8)

Awesome! What did you use to create the projected video?

"...learning after effects to create the show..."

Looks like they used after effects.


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