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LED Matrix Configuration Questions
« on: November 05, 2018, 03:48:33 PM »
Looking for some assistance with the following questions.
I am using a F16v3 with Xlights. I have the following elements that will be sequenced

1. I have 2 LED matrices. 32 horizontal strings by 36 pixels. Starting at the top-left with a horizontal zig zag pattern. I will be using outputs 1/2 for one Matrix and 3/4 for the second. I have been reading how-tos and watching the different tutorials, but the information is always presented differently so Id like to get some input on the following assumptions and questions.

I would like to use absolute addressing and configure the F16v3 myself rather than use Xlights. Maybe because I can grasps the different variables, so if I am thinking out loud it is so that someone can correct me if my logic is wrong.

   A. I will have 1152 pixels equaling 3456 channels. Since I am splitting the board into two sections, this will lead to 576 pixels per output, 1728 channels. I am assuming I will need to  4 universes addressed 1-432, 433-864, 865-1296, 1297-1728 for Output 1. Is this correct?
If so then Output 2 will continue Universe 5-8 and channels 1729 - 3456. I would continue the next 8 universes across Output 3 and 4 using the same channel enumeration.
   B. In Xlights, I assume in the setup page I just add E.131 setup my universes duplicate the same configuration as above? In the layout portion of the configuration would I set it up as 16 strings with 36 lights and 2 strands?
   C. In Xlights, will putting the 2 matrices in the same element group allow me to output my sequence(singing animations) to both matrices at the same time? or will I have to duplicate the sequence for each element?

   D. Will adding additional elements to the F16V3 be as simple as adding more universes and continuing to enumerate the number of channels needed per output?

Thanks for your time
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