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FPP on raspberry pi & alphapix4 controller


I am really new to FPP & pi's & controlers. I am trying to learn how to configure everything. I apologize if this has been asked before and if this is some stupid mistake I am making.

I have a Raspberry pi 3 with the Falcon Christmas v2.4 on the pi. I also have a holidaycoro Alphapix4. I am able to talk to the pi over wifi. I am able to talk to the Alphapix4 hardwired to my computer.  I do not need to talk to the alphapix4 through the pi. The Alphapix does not haxe a setting in it to set a gateway address so I know that talking to it thru the pi is not possible.

My problem is that i can not get the pi to talk to the alphapix4. I cannot get it to do a successful ping. wWhat am I doing wrong? What info do you need to hep me?

Make sure your eth0 interface on the Pi and the AlphaPix 4 are on the same subnet.  For example, by default the AlphaPix 4 is going to be, so make sure your eth0 interface is something inside of 192.168.0.X.  Replace X with anything between 1-49 and 51-254.

It is possible to talk through the Pi to and from the AlphaPix.  Even though it doesn't have a route setting it assumes .1 of its subnet as the router.  I learned that this summer fighting with four of them.

In summary, try this:

Falcon Pi eth0 

IP Address:

AlphaPix 4       

IP Address:

This should allow the Pi to ping the AlphaPix, and if you turn on routing you will be able to ping through it as well.

THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU. IT WORKS PERFECTLY NOW. I think my problem was I wasn't using the same ip & gateway number. I was just leaving that space blank. Either way your solution fixed it.


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