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Display Testing?

Started by Roger DeBolt, January 03, 2015, 10:57:42 AM

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Quote from: David Pitts on January 04, 2015, 07:28:28 PM
Quote from: wftxlites on January 04, 2015, 06:54:42 PM
LSP export to conductor. ---> .seq file converted by Xlights to .fseq import to FPP.

LSP uses absolute channel numbers. So your channels in LSP will be same that FPP uses. So if you have a megatree starting on channel 5000 in LSP the start channel of the megatree will be 5000 in FPP.

Now what controllers are you outputting to so we can discuss that?

Absolute.  What about in terms of:

ETD 1-2048 CH DMX = 2048
USB Dongle 1-512 CH DMX = 2560
USB Dongle 1-4096 CH Pixelnet = 6656

What would the absolute numbers be in the output config on the FPP?

I have DMX controllers mostly to answer your question.

I am not sure any of this really matters once the seq is converted to fseq, but it will ease my mind to understand which dongle on the FPP attaches to any given data network of controllers and how to setup the outputs. using multiple dongles.


Quote from: wftxlites on January 05, 2015, 05:47:40 PM
Absolute.  What about in terms of:

ETD 1-2048 CH DMX = 2048
USB Dongle 1-512 CH DMX = 2560
USB Dongle 1-4096 CH Pixelnet = 6656

What would the absolute numbers be in the output config on the FPP?

If this is the order that your channels are defined in your sequencer, and thus the order they appear in your .fseq file, then this is how you would configure FPP:

On the 'E1.31' tab, create 8 universes starting at channel #1 with each universe having 512 channels.  The first universe will have a start channel of 1, the second universe will have a start of 513, the third, 514.  This should be automatically configured for you if you set the count to 8 and click 'set'.  Save that page then go to the 'Other' tab.

On the other tab, Add a 'DMX Pro' output and set the start channel to 2049 and count to 512.  Then add a Pixelnet (not sure whether you have the DLA dongle or a generic FTDI dongle) and set the start channel to 2561 and then save that screen and restart FPPD.

That should setup the FPP channel outputs to match what you listed.

Roger DeBolt

Opps forgot that I posted this!  :-[  I am at work now so cannot be too specific, but what I am seeing is extreme delays in the lights coming on, then will actually lock up and I have to restart the FPD. My display works fine with all of my settings using Xlights/NC. If I put it in RGB mode (Using Display Test) the lights will not come on, but when it locks up (I try to stop them) they will start to blink or should I say more of a flicker. At that point they will not take any commands. After FPD reboot all is good again until I try to test. I can give more information and settings tonight.


K-State Fan

I had the same issue of it locking up when I unselected the test mode. I had to restart to get them to turn off.  I assumed i did something in the wrong order and my e6804 never received a signal to turn them off.


Capt'n M

No not my actual config of channels and dongles just example for my leaning.  I completely understand how the addressing works on FPP now at least for absolute addressing.  I am planning on doing some testing now.  It appears impossible to export USB configured DMX controller in LSP for Conductor .seq output to convert in XL/NC.  That is why I am going to test my theory of DMX on E1.31 and use USB pixelnet dongle.  I am pretty sure that will export.  I needed to understand the FPP addressing side to accomplish this.

With that said, USB DMX Dongle config on FPP works in Display test mode with no problem testing a single channel on a DMX controller.

Thank you for the answer.  Just what I needed.


Update: Is it fair to say that it is irrelevant what output is used on a controller when building in sequencing software as long as the channel mapping is correct for whatever output is configured on FPP?  In other words if the output device were E1.31 in a sequence for all controllers, one could use a combination of any type of dongles in FPP as long as the channel numbers were setup on the FPP to match your physical dongle/wiring. It could be a combination of E1.31, DMX and Pixelnet USB dongles used on FPP.

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