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Title: Need help configuring DMX with F8-B or F8-PB latest version.
Post by: Sawdust on May 09, 2019, 08:56:45 PM
Disregard this post - I reloaded 2.7 and all seems fine.

I had DMX working on a test v1 F8-B, but now I've got a new F8-PB running v2.7, I cannot get DMX to work on any of my F8 boards. 

Set BBB tab at 8 serial output
serial=DMX 512
Start address as 1
Port (13-16)  pin 1&2

As pixel ports they are working.
I thinking the test button didn't work,  be ending to be a test sequence. (Yes/no)
Assume my Vixen 3, Open DMX sequence is correct.

Any suggestions, comments or  check points?
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