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Title: Help with moving spots
Post by: MichRX7 on July 12, 2020, 10:23:53 AM
So, I jumped in and bought some moving head spots and am trying to get them working in xLights. I have been working watching and reading everything I can and was ready to make my leap and now I'm stuck with nothing working, lol...

Here is my setup:
RJ-45 to XLR cable (created by me)
DMX Moving Head

RJ-45 to XLR cable - soldered brown/white & brown to left pin on XLR end, orange/white to top middle pin and orange to right pin.
I have the following settings on the moving head:
Address: A001
11 Channel
DMX512 Mode

I have the following in xLights Controllers:
Name: DMX_001
Protocol: OpenDMX
Address: COM7:250000 (I checked Device Manager it is Com7)
Universe: 1
Channels: 512 (1-512)

In the xLights Layout Models I have:
Name: DMXMovingHead
# Channels: 11
Pan: 1
Pan Ori: 2
Pan Deg of Rot 540
Pan Slew Limit: 0
Tilt Channel: 3
Tilt Orientation: 4
Tilt Deg of Rot: 180
Tilt Slew Limit: 0
Red Channel: 5
Shutter Channel: 8 (my dimming)
Shutter Open Threshold: 1
Beam Display Length: 4
Indiv Start Chans: (not checked)
Start Channel: 1

I then created a new animation @ 40fps and added the DMXMovingHead to the timeline
I dragged the DMX module onto the timeline, turned on "Output to Lights"
But, as I move the sliders nothing happens like in the videos I watched.

So, did I get my soldering wrong? Maybe the cable is bad? Not sure where to start next. Is there an easy way to test the cable?

Thanks for the assistance.
Title: Re: Help with moving spots
Post by: MichRX7 on July 13, 2020, 01:43:01 PM
I figured it out with a bit of help. Since I'm using an old LOR USB485 to test I needed to create a crossover on the old blue/orangewhite & bluewhite/orange.
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