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Title: FPP 5.x/4.x/3.x Installation Instructions
Post by: dkulp on September 10, 2018, 10:00:18 AM
The installation instructions for the 5.x/4.x/v3.x images is a bit different than the old images or the images for the Pi's.  As a start, I highly suggest watching the excellent video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aSyA1gU2cQ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aSyA1gU2cQ)

That will provide a good walk through an introduction on how to get started.  The FPP Manual also has complete instructions on installing and getting things started:
https://falconchristmas.github.io/FPP_Manual(5.0).pdf (https://falconchristmas.github.io/FPP_Manual(5.0).pdf)

However, if videos and large PDF's are not your thing, here are some written instructions.
At this point, FPP is completely up and running and ready to be used from the SD card.  If you plan on only running FPP from the SD card, that is all you need to do.  Start configuring the storage locations, time zones, network settings, etc...  If you pan to use the SD card for storage as well, you will likely need to expand the partition.  By default, it will be a 3GB partition (to fit on a 4GB card), but it won't leave much space for sequences.  Assuming you are using a larger card, you can expand it by going to the Settings -> Advanced Settings and click on the button to expand the partition.  Then reboot.  You should then have the full size of your SD card available. 

On the full BeagleBones, if you would like to run FPP from the eMMC, you need to flash the image there.  To do so, go to the Settings -> Advanced Settings and hit the Flash to eMMC button.  Then wait a LONG LONG time.  It can easily take 30-45 minutes to copy everything over.  It should shut down automatically when done.  Remove the SD card and re-power on the Beaglebone.  That should have you running off the eMMC.
Title: Advanced FPP 2.x/3.x Installation Instructions for BeagleBones
Post by: dkulp on September 10, 2018, 10:19:59 AM

If you power the BeagleBone via a USB cable connected to your computer for the initial boot, configuring the BeagleBone is simplified.  You can point your browser at http://192.168 (http://192.168).7.2 (Windows) or http://192.168 (http://192.168).6.2 (OSX) and it should be fully up and running.   You can then configure the WIFI settings and network IP addresses and such directly without having to determine the DHCP IP address.   Additionally, the DHCP address it DID grab is printed in the header of the pages so you directly see what address was assigned.

The "Wireless" BeagleBones (BBBW and BBGW), since they don't have a wired connection, will boot up with a Tethering option enabled.  After boot up, look for a new WIFI network named "FPP-####" (the last 4 digits are randomish).  Connect to that from your computer using the Wifi password of "Christmas".   Then browse to http://192.168 (http://192.168).8.1  .  Configure like normal.   For the wireless controllers, there is now a "Disable BBB Tethering" option on the FPP settings page to turn this off once you have everything configured.  We highly recommend you turn that off. 

Note:  the BBBW is completely compatible with all the common capes that we use.  The Octoscroller and F4-B/F8-B/F16-B controllers should work fine.   The BBGW, on the other hand, consumes various pins, and the current capes have issues.  We do not recommend using a BBGW.
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