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XLights/Nutcracker now controls Madrix......Well.....

Started by bajadahl, July 14, 2014, 05:47:21 PM

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It probably always did... Thanks Sean for thinking about how I could accomplish the control I wanted and showing me the way. 

It is working.  Now I just need to map out the channels I want to use and getting all the palettes setup with the proper settings.

Very cool!


Interesting idea to control Madrix from Xlights. how is it done?


Use color wash with one color. Select the rib vs Luke by clicking on the color. So if you need a value of 11 on channel 100. Make a model of six lights or 18 channels. With color wash and the six colors you can choose you can set each of the rgb values of each light
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It works on the premise that Madrix has a DMX in Protocol that "listens" on a specified group of channels and then applies changes to the interface based on the signal for a given channel.  If you are familiar with the madrix interface this should make sense.....  There is a channel that controls the storage block, and another that controls the storage bin, and quite frankly there can be a channel configured for just about every setting on the interface.

As an example:

Channel 1 picks the left side storage block (0-255)
Channel 2 picks the left side storage bin (0-255)
Channel 3 picks a fade setting (if desired)
Channel 4 picks the Global Master Intensity (0-255)

There are many, many more....  but with the channels above I can pick a left side bin and have madrix play it.

First I want to set channel 4 to intensity 255 (Full On)  (This is like the master fader for the entire console)
Then I want to pick storage group 1 and bin 10  - I would send a 0 intensity to channel 1 and a 9 intensity to channel 2.

So to actually play the above example we need nutcracker to send the following:
Channel 1 - 0  (off) because group 1 is the default
Channel 2 - 9  (This will actually choose bin 10 because settings start at 0 but the bins start at 1) so 0=1, 1=2, 2=3 and so on.  bin 1 should be left empty because it is really the home position (0) in Madrix and when no instructions are being sent the chooser will default back to bin 1 and play something if its not empty. 
Channel 4 - 255 (Again this is the master fader for the entire environment so it must have some value greater than 0 or the output won't go anywhere.

All of this is supported in LOR, LSP (kind of quirky though), and vixen+ (which worked well for me but just added another layer to my work flow.)
I asked Sean to put in a feature that would let me assign values to channels so that I would not need to use any other timeline based sequencer.  I really just want to work in nutcracker but I also want to use Madrix for some display elements.

Sean came up with the brilliant idea of applying the colorwash effect and then setting it to only have 1 color.  I can then go into the color palette for that color and change the values for the color so that the specific values I want are sent to the  R G B channels (or 1, 2 ,3  channels) 

As of now I have only setup two models - a single RGB pixel in model 1 for channels 1, 2, AND 3 and a single RGB pixel in model 2 for channels 4, 5, and 6 -  This allows me to fully control the first 6 channels in the madrix DMX input protocol.  As shown in the example I really only need channels 2 and 4 to control over 250 madrix bins.  However, there are channels to control the right side bins and all of the controls in the middle such as the left to right fader.

The coolest part is that since nutcracker has the timing marks from audacity madrix is now able to change with the music which is awesome.  Once the channels are defined it won't be too difficult to add matrix to my shows with just a few models defined.


And if you save these color wash effects you can easily reuse them in other sequences without having to manually go pick the colors again.


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