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Best wire for data to pixels - power injection

Started by n8huntsman, March 25, 2019, 07:24:11 PM

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I'm running a data wire from falcon pi cap to pixels about 20' probably. Twisting and turning in a noisy automotive environment. 12v Power and ground will be injected separately using 14awg stranded hook up wire. What's my best bet for the data wire? I have cat5, cat6, pixel wire from Ray... just not sure what's best to avoid interference.


Technically you get no help from the twists in the cats because the signal is not a balanced (push/pull) circuit.  However, we have seen quite a few examples that in using the cat cables there is some rejection achieved.

Note that the text shows up here with a big question mark in a diamond just after the 20.  Can I take it that you are typing "20 feet"?  If so, using some sort of an amplifier, or null pixels may be in order.  Depends on the pi cap. Try it without one first.  Add if needed.
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Whenever I post from my iPhone apostrophes come across with the question mark. Good ol(apostrophe) iPhone... I drank the kool-aid when Windows Phone got killed off and have regretted not going android ever since.
Yes 20 feet was the intent. I plan on trying without null then adding if need be. I could move the pi closer but would rather not to keep it as protected from the elements as possible.
If using Cat6, would I just use a single wire from one of the pairs?


Quote from: n8huntsman on March 25, 2019, 09:36:42 PM
If using Cat6, would I just use a single wire from one of the pairs?

I've used a single wire and got decent distance (better than using RGB wire)
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I ran a cat6, burial rated cable and used the orange stripe wire to the picap output.  On the pixel end i wired all the stripes together so that i'd have the other available if i ever needed them. These wont be easily accessible so I was trying to think ahead a bit.  The cables i had were solid instead of stranded so i was a little worried that the solid wire would break at the picap end.  If it does, I can easily swap to another striped wire.  Probably should have used stranded but oh well.
Total run was about 18 feet.  So far I have not seen any issues with interference or anything.

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