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Issues with my mega tree

Started by Snipescastle2, November 21, 2019, 11:13:32 AM

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Hello all! I'm a newbie, although I've been working on my display for 8 months. It's been a " School if Hard knocks" in learning what I have thus far.
My issue that I'm having on my mega tree.
First off, I am running 5. Volt, ws2811 pixel nodes, using a Falcon F16 V3 controller, and a Raspberry Pi/FPP. When I have uploaded my show, I'm getting strands that aren't going in the right direction and wrong colors. I have a video but it's .MOV (not a supported attachment here)
Picture a tree with the "Swirl Effect" half of the tree goes one direction, right colors, other direction. It is really evident when you place the meteor Effect on the prop. Most fall downward where a few strands show Meteors going upward...

I have no overlapping channels, and I assigned each group of 150 pixels port assignments, and power injection at 100 node mark on each set.
I've checked the direction of Data flow.
I've tested the sequence. I'm ready to pull out my hair at this point(not really but you get the picture) one theory I have is this:
The sequences I was using at first had overlapping channels, I had uploaded those files to the FPP and controller, is there anyway these files could be on the SD card still and the controller is still using the older files -vs.the new files I uploaded? Reason I mention this is: I opened the setup tab on the falcon last night and I'm still seeing references to props I deleted before I corrected the problems I was having.
I cannot upload any of my pictures because they are too large.
Anyone have a suggestion to fix my dilemma ?
Thank you!
Ben Smith
" those who live by the Sword, get shot by those who Don't"

K-State Fan

When I am having a problem I start with testing from the controller if everything works from there I test from FPP if everything works there I load a test sequence that is R G B W in 30 second intervals. Problem solving this way allows me to narrow down where I need to look for my mistake

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Thank you Sir! I'll certainly try that when I get home, I have a few things I need to try as well. 
When I logged into my FPP/Falcon F16 V3 last night, there was a page with string port properties that was from a previous attempt to get these lights working. Guess I need to delete all that data and start from scratch.
thanks again!
Ben Smith
I work in Kansas City, Mo. (I noticed your a K state fan .......
" those who live by the Sword, get shot by those who Don't"


Start at the controller. Do the colors make sense there in test mode?  Look at the string ports and make sure the reverse drop down is not selected for the strings acting in reverse.  There are rgb settings there as well.

In xlights what type of model do you have. How many strings of how many nodes. Do you have them going the right direction and the effect look correct in the preview.   If so render again and repeat the FPP connect to move the sequence to the Pi or whatever. 

I would also do the factory reset of the controller and then manually enter this tree and see if that fixes it. 

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