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2 Core or 3 Core

Started by jem5136, January 18, 2020, 02:23:06 PM

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Hey guys, I have a question. I'm planning on some rewiring for next season and I've been looking into some 2-core wiring to inject power- however, I can't seem to find anything long enough (might get 1-meter max). So I'm wondering, do you use 3-core or 2-core wire to inject power? It seems 3-core would be the easiest route (not having to worry about different connections), and the data line would just remain unused. 

What are your thoughts? And if you use 2-core, who is your vender?


For my power-injection, I just use 14/2 or 16/2 landscape wire.  Easy to find, inexpensive, and made for outdoor use.


I'm not really sure I am understanding the question as I don't really know what you mean by 2 core vs 3 core.  I will explain what I am doing where I need to inject power.  Each situation is a little different, so I will go over all of them.
First of all is the pixel star.  My star is a pretty standard 270 pixel star that is wired as three strings of 90 pixels at 5 volts.  On the end of each string, I have about 4 feet of ordinary SPT-1 soldered to the positive and negative wires of the end of each string.  The other end of that has the standard 4 pin green connectors that plug into idle ports of the pixel controller.
On the pixel strip on my roses (part of my year round landscape lighting), I have one injection point on each string.  I need to explain a little how those are built.  I have 17 roses in front of a wall with a scalloped brick edging in front of it.  In front of each rose is about a 30 inch section of 48 pixel per meter strip illuminating the rose bush and wall behind it.  Between each section is a little under two feet of cable (soldered and heat shrinked).  There is an injection point between the 3rd & 4th rose from the end of each string.  I simply spliced (soldered) in cable in the middle of the two foot section that runs back to two idle ports on the controller.  The cable for that is some direct bury speaker cable (you can get it from Home Depot, Monoprice, or almost any wire vendor) that I had in stock because it is buried for most of the route back to the controller.
Lastly is the 30 foot sections of 30 pixel per meter strip on my planter (also used year round).  I have a piece of the direct bury speaker cable soldered to the positive and negative end of the strip that runs back to idle ports on the controller.  Eventually I will need those ports so I will have a fuse distribution panel that the injection cables connect to.
For a 2020 rebuild of my pixel tree, I will be adding power injection to the bottom end of all 26 strings of my pixel tree (the controller is at the top).  At the end of each string, I will solder a piece of SPT-1 to the end of the string and that will run to a box with 32 ports of fuse distribution.
Oh, you're asking about "waterproof" connectorized connections for power inection - I don't use them at all.
Using LOR (mostly SuperStar) for all sequencing - using FPP only to drive P5 and P10 panels.
My show website:



I use 3 core for the main connections, and 2 core for power injection.  That way I can't mess up my connections.......  Vendor is Ray Wu


Quote from: Bwinter on January 18, 2020, 02:59:49 PMFor my power-injection, I just use 14/2 or 16/2 landscape wire.  Easy to find, inexpensive, and made for outdoor use.

Same!   Video:


SPT wire I use often. Speaker wire also works.

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Quote from: rstehle on January 18, 2020, 03:34:30 PMI use 3 core for the main connections, and 2 core for power injection.  That way I can't mess up my connections.......  Vendor is Ray Wu

This is what I was originally planning on doing, however, I cannot find any 2-core extension cords long enough for my needs. Would you happen to have links? 

Currently, I'm using some old 4 core wire that I've had laying around from my old dumb RGBs, it works, but it's messy and tends to wiggle out of the 2 pin connectors on the distro board. Ideally, I'll get some 2pin pigtails (one to connect to the RGBs, another to distro board), and then run a 2-core extension.


Home Depot/Lowe's. Landscape Lighting Isle.



I hadn't thought of making my own extension, and I have plenty of extra wire laying around. Hmm.


Yeah, when I was just getting in to Pixels, I thought I needed to buy a bunch of premade cords.  Then I saw that Ray was selling just the connectors and I started making my own.  Much cheaper.  Also, if you are going to make some cables for Pixel connections (not power injection), buy yourself a box of stranded copper Cat5 or Cat6 rather than using Pixel cable.  You will get more distance out of the Cat cable and save a bunch of money.

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