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Thanks and ask help again

Started by gooselight, April 09, 2020, 10:39:48 AM

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Hello Sir
Captain Murdoch

Long time ago I asked for help about the PiHat for I use with my Raspberry and you helped  when sent the electronic scheme. Again thank you for it, but in this moment I would like ask other kind of help to you. How I don't have the same models of controllers that have on your country and for to import is very expensive and complicated, so some times we need to do the things with own hands.
I would like to use the Raspberry GPIO's ports for connect relay's board of 16 outputs . I  am have used the X Lights 4 in my project and searched in Google for informations about it but until now I have no find the information that can I trust. Can you help me with this case?  I intend use the strands of AC 220v LED in this relays.
Other question, I saw informations about the Lcd Display 16x2 saying that can  used  for to some inform the functions on Rasp when is using the Falcon Players with Rasp, It is possible? in affirmative case, can you show for me where can I to connect it.
Again thank you for your work that has helped many people all over the world, and I hope that can you help for more one time. 

Thank you in advance


The 16x2 LCD display support is being removed in 4.0.  Thus, I wouldn't go that direction.   A simple/cheap i2c OLED display can be used instead and support is built in for FPP 3.x and 4.x. They are easy to wire to a Pi (4 wires).

For the relay, that is also built in.  On the "Other" tab of the channel outputs, add a new output of type "GPIO".   Select the pin/gpio, set the channel number for it, save, restart.   For relays, it's a pure on/off.
Daniel Kulp -

Support FPP

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